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Basement Finishing

A poorly conceived basement can be a cold and not-so-inviting place. At Installation Services, we begin with listening to what the customer has in mind for their new space, as well as how they plan to use it, to ensure the finished project will meet their expectations. We pull permits and obtain inspection approvals from the city/county. All phases of our work are constructed to national building code standards for insulation, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire blocking. From the requirements process to the final walkthrough, we are with our customers every step of the way.

Installation Services LLC

Standard amenities include:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Vinyl Plank
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring in Bathrooms
  • 1 Phone & 1 Cable Drop (Where Existing Service is Available)
  • 6-Panel Doors
  • Flat White Ceilings & Walls With White Satin Trim (Custom Colors Available for an Additional Charge)

Available options include:

  • Wet Bars
  • Saunas
  • Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Heated Floors
  • Wine Cellars
  • Architectural Columns
  • Trapeze Lighting
  • Walkout Stairwells
  • Egress Windows
  • Home Theaters
Residential Apartment Electric Outlet Installation by Professional Electrician Worker.

Electrical Services

You want your electrician who shows up to solve your problem to be licensed, clean, courteous, and trustworthy. Our customer surveys indicate they feel our team is a welcome change from what most service contractors send out. Our technicians are experienced professionals and are available 24/7.

Service offerings include:

  • Car charging Stations
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • 100 - 400 Amp Service Installation/Replacement
  • Circuit Breaker Installation & Repairs
  • Fuse Repair/Replacement
  • New & Replacement Lighting
  • New Circuit Installation
  • 220 Volt Lines for Dryers & Air Conditioners
  • Outlets & Switches Installed and Replaced
  • Recessed Lighting
  • GFCI Outlets/Circuits for Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Attic Fans/Bath Fans/Whole House Fans

Heating & Air Conditioning

Are you staying comfortable? If not, then you might want to take advantage of our money-saving deals! Let Installation Services be your full-service Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning contractor. Our highest priority is providing quality residential and commercial sales, installation, and service.

Installation Services LLC

Service Offerings:

Maintenance: Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance of your home's HVAC systems. It also keeps your system running at its optimal efficiency levels, which keeps energy usage - and your energy bills - in check. But just as important, preventative system maintenance gives you peace of mind. Our technicians will perform complete system operation checks in both cooling and heating modes, inspect/clean coils & blower housings, replace filters, inspect duct systems for return-air leaks, inspect the unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust if necessary and inspect the base pan for restricted drain openings.

Replacement Systems: Need an affordable replacement heating/cooling system? No problem! Installation Services offers a variety of options. We have a wide range of products available to meet your needs and budget. We install all manufacturers' brands, including American Standard, Goodman, and Amana.

Repairs: Our HVAC team of technicians have over 100 years of combined experience in the profession and have seen and resolved most heating and cooling problems that the typical homeowner faces today. If you call today and ask for an appointment, one of our team members will schedule a time to meet with you and troubleshoot the systems in your home. They will then provide a written estimate for any needed repairs.

Installation Services LLC


Tired of dealing with those annoying plumbing issues? No problem. Just call Installation Services, and we will dispatch one of our fully stocked service vans and a skilled technician to provide you with fast, reliable repairs. Our experienced service technicians can handle everything from a leaking faucet to a whole house re-pipe of old rusty galvanized to new copper pipe & fittings.

Plumbing repairs/replacements include:

Repair Offerings:

  • Running Toilets
  • Leaking Faucets
  • Ceiling/Wall Leaks
  • Leaking Water Pipes
  • Loose/Rocking Toilets
  • Leaking Shutoff Valves
  • Shower Faucet Repairs
  • Ice-Maker Water Lines
  • Outside Hose Faucets
  • Water Heater Repairs

Installation/Replacement Offerings:

  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Sewage Grinder
  • Water Heaters
  • Laundry Tubs
  • Toilets
  • Sump Pumps
  • Tubs & Showers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Lavatory Faucets


At Installation Services, we understand the three key ingredients that make for a superior painting result; proper surface preparation, quality primers/paints, and attention to detail. Whether you are interested in painting a single room or an entire home, we are here to help. Give us a call today to give your home that welcoming and fresh feeling that a quality paint job can provide!

Service Offerings:

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Spray/Brush/Roller
  • Surface Prep Including Drywall Repair, Nail Pops, Water Stains


When it comes to flooring, no job is too small or too big for us! We do it all, from residential to commercial. We install over 120 brand names in carpets, tile, hardwood, laminates, and vinyl. So please do not hesitate to contact us with your flooring needs and let one of our professional installation staff answer your questions, measure the job, and make recommendations, so we can provide you with your free quote!

Service Offerings include:

  • Hardwood
  • VCT
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Cork
  • Rubber
  • Heated Floors
  • LVP

Interior/Exterior Doors

Your home's entry door provides more than just a first impression. It also has to protect your family and be as energy-efficient as possible. Here at Installation Services, our experts work to help you understand all of the many aspects surrounding the best choice of door to meet your needs. We sell all major brands, such as Stanley, Therma-True, and Pella. Whether you need entrance doors, patio doors, storm doors, or interior doors, we have the experience to get it done right the first time without any of the "hidden costs" that the home improvement chain stores typically charge!

Service Offerings:

  • Site Check to Determine Correct Measurements (Free!)
  • Door/hardware Sales
  • Delivery of New Door
  • Removal and Haul Away of Old Door (Dumping Fees Included!)
  • Installation of a Door in Same Size Square Opening That is in Reasonably Good Condition (No Rotten Wood)...opening Modifications to Accommodate Different Size Units Available for an Extra Charge
  • Installation of Hardware
  • Replacement of Existing Trim or Installation of New Trim (We Supply New Trim if Needed!)
  • Caulking and Insulating as Needed
  • Broom Cleanup
Handyman installing wooden flooring in patio, working with drilling machine

Decks & Fences

Service offerings:

An outdoor deck is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. In addition, a well-designed, quality-built deck can transform your home and expand your outdoor living space while increasing your home's value. Our decking professionals make it easy to add your new deck through every step of the process. Trust Installation Services to provide professional design and expert installation on time. Regardless of style, size, or budget, our staff can take you from creation to installation before you can fire up that grill!

  • A Free In-Home Consultation With No Obligation
  • Advice on Deck Styles and Materials
  • Design Plans, Permits, and Inspection Scheduling
  • Top-Quality Materials Installed by Licensed Professionals
  • 1-Year Warranties on All Material and Workmanship

Power Washing

Service Description:

It's not just the inside of a house that gets dirty! Exterior siding can accumulate a lot of dust and grime, even mildew. And because siding is the face we offer the street, even a little dirt shows. Some houses naturally accumulate more dirt than others, especially when construction is everywhere! In addition, the sun is punishing on our decks and fences. Maintaining your home in the best possible condition not only protects its value but also saves you money in replacement costs of materials such as siding, roofing, decks, etc. Let Installation Services get you sparkling clean today!

Residential Power Washing Services:

  • Houses
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Driveways & Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Poolside and Patio
  • Patio Furniture
Terrace cleaning with high-pressure

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Installation Services LLC is a leading contractor for your kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation projects. Our team guarantees the perfect job in your kitchen or bath from start to finish.

You will be amazed by the smooth job we provide in your kitchen or bath renovation. Simplifying the process is one of the areas that differentiates us from the others. Our quality, timeliness and warranties make us stand out above the rest.

Why use Installation Services for you home revovation?
Because we provide you with a unique service experience. We achieve this by employing no subcontractors, clean workmanship, and three year warranty. This allows us to bring you the best best in class experience.

No Subcontractors
We do all the work with in-house personnel. That brings us the and ability to deliver a quality and consistent service.

Clean Workmanship
We strive make it comfortable for you to use your space and minimize the impact to the adjacent parts of your home.

Our works are guaranteed for three years. We trust our labor and materials.

Professional Team
Our team is full of licensed pros, ensuring that you are in skilled and qualified hands.

Premium Quality Products
We use only quality products and we treat your home as it was ours.